Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A new day...

I am a self proclaimed creature of habit.....
At 6am my feet hit the kitchen floor, one eye open...
The first thing I do is hit the power button on my Keurig, I want my cup of coffee steaming hot!
Next, I whip out 4 lunches... This takes approximately 30 mins.
At 6:30 I make a nice cup of coffee, made the same way~ 2 Splendas and half & half... sit down in "my" spot on the couch & watch the news, same channel Fox45...until it's time to wake Mira.
As a stay at home mom & business helper to Greg... My days are somewhat planned & routine.. Other than the occasional hiccup... Someone's sick, dr appt, run for Greg etc.

Today was a new day....
Granted all those things still happened but I made a conscious effort to do things differently.
I was convicted...
I ask God for many things in my prayers, as if I've rubbed the magic lamp & have been granted a number of wishes. My prayers don't seem selfish, but my actions are. I ask... But NEVER stop to listen.
I don't listen, I hurry around to my next thought, my next commitment, distractions....


For me: tv (usually just the noise of it) 
Phone calls/texts
Instagram (minimally)
Pinterest (huge for me... I LOVE it!)

God may be speaking to me but If my mind is always distracted by noise & stuff, I may not hear Him. Today, I decided to listen for Gods whisper.

Today I heard Him.

In my quiet time this morning God revealed an area of my life that I need to work on. An area of good intention, that can be deceiving.

I will share that in my next post.

It makes me wonder what I've missed being clouded by my distractions.
He HAS spoken, what didn't I hear?


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