Thursday, December 5, 2013

What is home???

It was a year ago this week that we packed up our family and our worldly possessions (in a 1984 tractor pulling a 1964 trailer )...Trekked 1800 miles to start a new life in Denver Colorado. 
The past year has been a huge struggle. Emotionally. Physically. And spiritually.
We have experienced all kinds if challenges & changes from health to work which then becomes financial... And you know how that goes!
This year has been about great bonding amongst our family. After all we really have only had each other.
We've each in our own time said this isn't home. And frankly we've sulked... We miss our comforts.. Seeing people you know in public, knowing the short cut around traffic jams, being able to meet my mom for breakfast & quick run to Target, 20 ft ceilings in my house, a huge gourmet kitchen, a bathroom that is physically impossible to pee, brush your teeth & put your feet in the shower all at the same time (hehe), a private backyard, a snow day with the girls, a secure bank account & a steady income!
But really these are just things.... This is not what makes it home. I guess I should throw in a quick note: we had many other things in MD that made it home, sometimes it's easier to focus on the things we don't have than the things we did ;)
Finally, on Sunday it hit me... THIS IS HOME!!! No I didn't get a bathroom remodel.. But we have friends to fellowship with from church, a neighbor to love on my family while my daughter has surgery, a group of believers to pray for us during tough times. The Lord has finally given us this feeling & for that I am grateful!!!
But I must admit we do miss home in MD.. Our family, friends, our pastor & our church family... 

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