Thursday, September 26, 2013


There's so much to post to explain where we are. Things are complicated. We've been sick w/ various viruses since Labor Day... I've been sick for over a week. 
Do you know that when you're a mom to 4 girls there's no time to be sick?!?
We've sold our business, that's a blessing... But the future seems so uncertain. What will we do?? How will we support our family of children with mounding special needs?? God knows, He is in control.
I've been in such a funk lately, searching for answers, jumping hurdles. Just going thru day to day life without expressing much joy. Today for example, I had a lovely tea with our family. Very nice time to sit & relax & catch up... But I must admit I spent half of it worrying about my next duty. Today happened to be the day for Kayla's weekly IV infusion. This is a great thing & we feel blessed by the medical care we have. Unfortunately I spend too much time griping about the amount of time it takes to drive, wait, see the nurse, get a room...the infusion itself takes 1 1/2-2 hrs... Then we get to drive home in traffic.... On & on I go.
TODAY.... As we entered the infusion department which is located in the oncology department... I was stopped in my tracks... 
As soon as we entered we saw a family. Mom, dad & 3 kids....
One of the daughters, appearing about 10 years old had lost all of her hair. And then I saw mom... She had shaved her head to soften the pain of her daughter. They both made eye contact & smiled.... they had a JOY. I was quickly humbled by this sight... I can't imagine what this family is going thru but I do know, my whining & grumbling is unnecessary& probably a bit disappointing to God. I know The Lord wants us to have joy regardless of our circumstances. It's easy to have JOY when things are good. Try shaving your head & taking your daughter for cancer treatments and having joy...that's tough, I admire their strength. 
Greg & I learned a few years back during a study called Experiencing God. He speaks with us in 4 ways. I'm grateful for God's communication today through circumstance. The other ways are through the bible, church & prayer.