Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A visitor...

The weather in Colorado is quite different than we are used to. It is terribly dry here. Literally I can count on 2 hands the number of times it has rained here since we moved here! 
Over the past few weeks though we have hit "monsoon season"... It has rained many times a week, like heavy afternoon downpours. The rapid increase in moisture has caused the spiders to come out. Ugly spiders. Big, hairy, nasty spiders. They tend to be worse in the basement & since this is where Emily & Sami sleep we decided to call an exterminator. They sprayed inside & out. The guy even mentioned that our flower beds were FULL! He also told me that we would see some stragglers... 
Did we ever except these weren't the regular big ugly spiders... Once they were dead, with their legs curled up they were still the size of a silver dollar! They belong in a museum... Behind glass... Eewww!
And as if that wasn't enough..
We found a SNAKE in Sami's room!!!!
I'm ready to pack my bags & move to a hospital... A sterile hospital! Our skin is still crawling... Even as I type!

Prayer Request

Mira will be having surgery tomorrow am to "open her eyes". If you think if it, please say a prayer for her. I will post & update tomorrow!

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Heliotropism: an orienting response to the sun (usually referring to plants)

This week while listening to our favorite radio station they were discussing the wild sunflowers that are growing everywhere. They are just beautiful. They discussed that sunflowers are heliotropic. They reposition themselves to always be facing the sun. (So I began to watch & it's true!!!) they continued saying that as followers of God we should be like the sunflowers and constantly reposition ourselves to be following the SON. 
We have been going through a tough spot recently and now it's all making sense.
We've never been promised an easy life.
We've been promised that if we focus on HIM he will provide. That doesn't mean money, fancy cars, big houses or exotic vacations. If we focus on Him all other things will fall into place.
I'm a stay at home mom, we've been blessed, my husband is a very hard worker. He is a provider, spiritually & financially. Our business has been struggling for the past several months. It's been a huge burden to figure out why, what to do next, is it of God?? We've earnestly prayed to show us His will all to end up frustrated, empty handed, discouraged. We've been asking but seeking our own will.... Until... There was a revelation. 
We've been seeking success, a business to pass along to our children, something we can do together, an investment and to serve him.
I'll end this here to say, we're focused on God, following the Son. We will be persecuted for our decision. It is not of the world but it is of HIM!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

What would you do!?!?

A neighbor blessed is with the.largest.zucchini... EVER!!
Seriously it could feed a small village!
After we took pictures (lol) I thought what am I gonna do with this thing! Well, here you go!
First I made 2 delicious loaves of Banana Chocolate Chip Zucchini bread.
This recipe yields 1 loaf:
In medium bowl combine:
3/4 c sugar
1 beaten egg
Splash of vanilla
2 smashed bananas
1 c grated zucchini

In another medium bowl combine:
1.5 c flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt

Add dry ingredients to wet ingredients & blend. Then add 2 TBSP melted butter & stir. Then add 3/4-1 c chocolate chips.

Bake in greased loaf pan at 350* for 1 hour.

Well that only used like a 1/4 of it!

So since we were having burgers & hotdogs on the grill I decided to make Panko Breaded Zucchini Chips. They were a hit!
I simply sliced the zucchini in 1/4" rounds dredged in salt & peppered flour, beaten egg & then coated with Panko crumbs. Baked at 400* for 30 mins on a lightly sprayed baking sheet.
We dipped in ranch at our house!

Hard to believe but I still have a chunk left!
What would you do with it!?!?
Here are some pics: