Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Mama bragging ahead!!

My daughter, Sami.
She's 11, going on 21. But VERY mature... Most of the time.
When we moved to Denver, the kids started school on jan7th after winter break. Sami went to school nervous but confident. Her primary goal was to make friends!
The first day of school she came home talking about random girls, she got a few cell numbers. Sami is a good student so I don't worry about this desire to be social. Soon after the first day of school, Sami came home talking about her new friend, Rika, she's from Japan. Sami continued to get to know her, quickly finding out that Rika is moving back to Japan in March. This didn't stop her & Sami from growing close... Like BFF close. If have to say I am beyond proud at the level of maturity it takes to grow close to someone you will likely never see again. To love with an unguarded heart. My prayer is that Sami & Rika will stay in touch, Sami's heart will be healed from the loss & that Sami will make more friends. Thank you Heavenly Father for teaching Sami to love beyond limits, just as you do.

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