Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The longest 2 weeks... EVER!

We made a commitment as a family, 2 years ago, to give Mira the best life possible.
Little did we know that we would move half way across the country!
On Saturday February 2nd Mira & I flew back to Baltimore to continue with corrective surgery.
As a family we are used to spending bursts of time apart. Greg has gone on several mission trips, hunting trips, 4 wheeling trips etc.
This time it has been extremely hard.
I think it is because we live in an unfamiliar place and we don't know anyone. For this reason we've become incredibly close! Greg & I are best friends, we are the only friends each of us have in Co. None of this is bad, it's actually been healthy for our relationship. It just makes it hard to be apart.
I miss my girls terribly too. We spend a lot of time together.
Greg is envious that I've been able to "come back". I got to go to church twice during my stay, which was nice. I miss my church family... A lot.
I've been able to spend some time with my parents too which was nice. To some it may sound a but vacation like but I can assure you it hasn't been. It's hard to be here, apart from my family, no place to call home, not enough time to visit some people that I truly miss...
It's funny, as I type this, I'm chuckling to myself about the title..."the longest 2 weeks EVER!" How soon we forget! It has been almost 1 year since I traveled to china to get Mira and I can promise you THAT was the longest 2 weeks EVER!!!
But in this particular moment, the past 2 weeks have been tough!
Tomorrow am Mira & I return home to be reunited with our family. It will be the sweetest Valentines ever!
I can't wait to hug my girls.

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