Wednesday, June 12, 2013

School's Out!! (post from June)

This has been the longest school year..... ever!!!
All the girls were in up to 3 schools each... Somehow I think that may qualify as child abuse! Lol
We kicked off the summer with a family trip to Aspen...
Absolutely breathtaking. One of the most beautiful places I've ever visited in the US. We are NOT Aspen people... Aspen is geared for the rich, famous & beautiful people... But we didn't let that stop us!!
It was the most relaxing vacation out family has had in a long time. On Friday we visited Glenwood Springs Adventure Park which was sooo much fun! We had a ball! Then on Saturday we visited the Maroon Bells which is absolutely GORGEOUS, this is the mountain scene that you see in the beginning of some movies for Paramount pictures. Then on Sunday Greg, his Dad & Kara golfed while the girls & I shopped! Probably one of the coolest things we "did" was take the girls to the fountain in town. It was huge water sprinklers on the sidewalk that all the kids (and some adults) play in... Our kids were entertained for hours!
We valued every inch of Gods beauty during that weekend. It's amazing to see how majestic His creation is!
Enjoy the pics!!

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