Thursday, March 21, 2013

A little DIY.....

After the move to Denver, our family purchased a house. We jokingly call it our "new old house"! It is a 1972 ranch home on 2.75 acres complete with a horse barn & arena! Initially when we decided to move, part of the motivation was to turn over the things that were important to us, worldly things, and to submit our trust in The Lord. We had a fantastic, big house in MD. We loved it, Greg and I built that house from trees to keys as he says. It's true. We cleared the wooded lot, worked long tiring days there and eventually moved in and made it our home. I loved ga house... Sometimes a bit too much! I said the words, lord I would be happy to live in a small rancher.
Well, fast forward to February 28, 2013. We were the proud owners of a small ranch. We are a big family... 6 of us & 3 dogs! The small ranch seems a bit optimistic at times. But the Lord has blessed us with a house that has 2 full floors of living space, each girl even has their own room! The house truly is perfect & has tons of potential! One truly important thing is that Greg has a workshop and we have a detached office to run our business from. Since it is a 70's house & people have different tastes we've had to change some of the paint in various areas. In addition to the paint, we decided to tear out the kitchen... It literally just didn't work and the cabinets had seen their days! So my hubby decided to tear it out and put in a new kitchen. That continues to be in the works!
However, Sami's room was formerly a boys room complete with large Ewok stickers on the doors & brown wallpaper! The words she chose were.... I will not sleep one night in this room like this! Lol! So we've done a complete makeover to her room. She was able pick her colors, brace yourself you may need sunglasses to enter this room! Sami is very expressive & if she chooses to express herself through colors than ill just choose to thankful, it could be worse!
By the way, wallpaper is a NIGHTMARE to remove... Thank God for my Shark steamer!
Here are a few pics of the before/after of Sami's room!

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