Thursday, June 21, 2012

Keepin it real...

Let me explain.
We are an average family, raising 4 girls in a cruel world. We have been dealt a tough deck of cards.
I am not complaining though.

God blessed us with 4 AMAZING girls, each wonderfully made. Our girls are "unique" with special needs ranging from hearing loss/hearing aids to seizures to heart condition to type 1 diabetes to severe limb deformity to mitochondrial disease....but they are PERFECT!

Two and a half years ago, one of our daughters was diagnosed with a debilitating progressive disease. We can not see the future... But we walk by faith. Knowing one day it will all be different.

Our family, since, has been on an incredible walk. A walk of faith. We choose to live each day focusing on a promised future. One we cannot see but TRUST is there.

We have chosen to see this as a blessing, making the most of each day of this short life we have here on Earth. Otherwise, we may sit & wallow in our own sorrow. Is that what the creator of the world deserves? A man who sent His only Son to die on a cross so we may be forgiven of our sins? He has promised to wipe away every tear.

During this walk, we have been called the step out of our comfort zone... a few times. If we step out in faith & do something "God-sized" we show Him that we trust in him, even if we can't see the outcome.

Follow along on our journey, as we walk by faith...not by sight.


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